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Sarah Barnard Joins REIM Capital as Case Manager

REIM Capital is thrilled to welcome its new Case Manager to the team: Sarah Barnard.

With over 25 years of experience in banking, Sarah worked for RBS for 20 years, and in that time was part of the Corporate Real Estate team looking after national housebuilders, family trusts, investment firms and dealing with multimillion/billion-pound deals. Not only this, but Sarah also worked with smaller entities, family-run firms with 2–3-unit developments, media customers, healthcare, leisure, and charities, giving her a broad variety of experience to bring to REIM Capital.

As Case Manager at REIM Capital, Sarah’s duties include completing all due diligence on borrowers and associated parties, solicitors and valuers etc to confirm they are registered with appropriate bodies (SLA, Law Society, ICO, FCA etc), starting communication channels for the team, constant deal updates, pipelines and initial credit reporting.

Sarah says, “I aim to make the ‘behind the scenes’ work almost invisible so that the team can focus on winning new deals and underwriting. This includes streamlining the process as much as possible and ensuring our borrowers continue to get first-class service.

“Real estate has been a passion of mine for some time now and this role is my dream!”

Outside of the office, Sarah is a keen baker, reader, music lover and enjoys spending time with her family.

Connect with Sarah on LinkedIn here.

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